What do you love most about your job?
Unleashing my inner vixen, openly embracing my sexy side, dancing to the hottest songs and being expressive...being free!

What makes Venus Arts stand out from the competition?
We use techniques involving simple props, freestyle performance, striptease structure, and seduction techniques. No poles!

What's one tip for first-time students that will make them feel like veterans?
Bring a pair of your favorite heels (optional), workout shorts (short shorts/boy shorts) or spandex and an open mind. Listening to sexy music on your way to class will also help put you in a sexy state of mind.

Register NOW for our upcoming winter session on Saturdays at 1:00 pm!

​​​What is Venus Arts? 

We are an exotic dance school. We offer exotic dance, striptease and seduction classes for women of all ages and backgrounds (21+). Our goal is to help women gain the confidence to express themselves, sensually, rhythmically and creatively within an intimate setting. 

I'm not a great dancer. I don't feel sexy. I want to learn, but I'm shy...

​This class is great for moms, bachelorettes, girlfriends, wives and women who want to discover and/or unleash their inner vixen.

About Venus Arts Dance Academy: 

What was the inspiration to start Venus Arts?
I used to be very shy, quiet and inhibited (or at least I think I was, lol). I always aspired to become more confident, free-spirited & sexy. I eventually became a swimsuit model, dancer, and was surrounded with sexy, confident women all the time. I want to give back & share what I learned.